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Shopping for a lender!

It’s not often that you hear a lender say that. You want to see two or three lenders and get a feel for how they work. I know that my personality doesn’t work for everybody. You want to find somebody that matches up with your personality and how you work. Compare rates. Compare people. We’re all going to be very close on those. But the most important thing you can get is information. You want to find somebody that is going to give you the peace of mind and information you need to help this transaction go smoothly. This is one of the biggest purchase in your life. You don’t want to be partnered with the wrong person for two months or more. You want to find somebody that’s going be with you through the entire process. I’d love to help you with that process. Use the form below to book an appointment.

Big Guy In Mortgage:

Buying a home is easier when you understand the process. Jeremy is a teacher at heart and is dedicated to making your home purchase pain-free.