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Credit Inquiries – Mortgage Minute

Today we’re going to talk about credit inquiries. Credit inquiries account for about 10% of your credit score. That might sound like a lot but you actually have a window of time to shop for just about anything where it doesn’t hurt you. So if you’ve heard lenders say “Don’t go somewhere else because it’s going to hurt your credit score” that is simply not true. If you do not like me for any reason (I actually say this in my client meetings) please go somewhere else because we’re going to be stuck together for three, four, six months, however long it takes. I want you to be happy throughout the process. You’re not tied to the lender that pulls your credit first. You’re tied to the lender that offers you the best options and best deals. That’s today’s mortgage minute. If you’d like to learn more please use the booking form below.

Big Guy In Mortgage:

Buying a home is easier when you understand the process. Jeremy is a teacher at heart and is dedicated to making your home purchase pain-free.